What Does An Escort Do On Her Day Off?

  • Posted on February 12, 2013 at 2:34 pm

What’s a lady to do on her day off? Working with Sydney escorts, I’ve gotten accustomed to a restricted schedule. You know, sleep and errands during the day. Occasionally, I get ample time to cook something nice for myself. After that, I’ll usually hang out at the club or perhaps pay a visit to a few of my customers. It can feel kind of odd having the whole day off. This is kind of boring.

Oh well, I suppose it’s unfair to be thinking of things like that. I’ve stayed in this occupation for nearly five whole years now. What can I do? I really like my job. My boss treats me well. My customers are similarly wonderful. With the occasional few being duds. Some men and their excuses. Sometimes, I get this kind of clients and trust me when I say this. They do not know anything at all about a woman, even more so of an experienced woman working with London escorts. They puff their chest, and show off their stiff weenies… but after a few minutes, pooof! Done! It’s all over!

Thank goodness, now and then, I get some really wonderful guys as well. When I come across guys like these, wowwhoa, I’ll go crazy for them. My underwear seem to simply fall off quickly for them. I should not have even taken the initiative to wear them. They’d be so soaked and pointless in such a short period of time at any rate.

Out of all my customers so far, Jim is my favourite. Jim is really something. He would call for me to go to his residence. Even though he’s into business, he doesn’t show it in any way. You get what I’m saying? He’s cool and not somebody full of himself. He looks particularly alluring in his suit. I cannot wait to get him out of it! We always begin off with some wine though. I wouldn’t really bother with that! At that moment, I’ll only want to remove him of his clothes and ride him.

However I play along. I play coy.|Needless to say, I have to be very discreet. I’ll play along.|Needless to say, I’ll always play along with his teases. We drink his wine and he tells me about his day. As he does this, he would stare at me… at my eyes, my neck, my breasts. It feels as though I’m totally nude as he stares at me. Occasionally, I just want to tell him straight to get on with it. Needless to say, the anticipation is enjoyable in itself as the spot in between my legs gets wetter and wetter. When this occurs, I’d start to get somewhat edgy out of exhilaration. I’d be able to really feel my nipples pushing hard against my dress. My lace underwear would be damp. The littlest touch would send chills down my spine. I’m so ready to have him inside me.

He usually takes his time, that bastard, lol! I’m pretty sure he knows just what he is doing. With his familiarity about us London escorts, he’ll know precisely what to do to make us so turned on. He knows all about my cravings for him.

Oftentimes, I cut things short. Once I can’t take it any longer, I’ll simply grab the particular hard-on under his pants. Indeed, it’s very easy to recognize. I’d personally unzip him and take him within my mouth.I’ll unbuckle I’d strip his trousers off of him and commence to blow him. While I do this, I’ll sip my fingers under my garments. I feel some respite just touching myself as I blow him.

Mmmmm. It is getting hot within this room. LOL! Daydreaming my day off, who would’ve believed that can be so interesting?!

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